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Walker/Wheelchair/Stroller/Grocery Cart Bag - Flowers - Handmade


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Handmade Organizer Bags for Walker/Wheelchair/Stroller/Grocery Cart

A 5 pocket bag to give assistance in carrying items when using a walker or wheelchair. 3 pockets on the front and 2 on the back.
Conveniently lays across the bar of your walker and snaps on the back. Easily accessible on both sides at the same time.

SIZE AND FEATURES ~ Overall size is approximately 20” long x 16” wide ~ Hanging size is 10 ” long x 16” wide ~ 2 - 6" x 8" size pocket on one side. ~ 3 - 6" x 5" pockets on the other side. ~ Batting used to provide structure but soft to the touch.

Machine wash and dry gentle cycles with cold water. May be ironed on a permanent press heat.