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Mitten Keepers

Handmade Mitten Keepers (Clips)

Each set comes with two 5" straps and clips permanently and securely attached. The clips have plastic inserts to protect clothing. 
One size fits all.  

Nickel clips that are easy to open
- Fasten one end of the clip to Mitten and the other end to coat or sleeve
- Remove the mittens / gloves by opening the clips
- Mitten clips keep winter Mittens safe from loss!

Mitten Keepers are the perfect solution to keep winter mittens and gloves attached to your coat.  Another great feature is that now when you hang the coat at home, the mittens will hang outside the coat allowing for easy air dry when needed. No more lost mittens or gloves! Stop buying multiple pairs of mittens and gloves every season, or desperately searching for a lost mitten after your child takes them off! 

Special orders are gladly accepted. Please email me if you are looking for a particular design

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